Gentle Touch Therapies

Spinal Touch Therapy

Many people, both young and old, have either long-standing back or postural problems, or have more recent short term problems resulting from mishap.

For example, whilst some people have a fairly normal posture but suffer considerable pain, others may tend to walk with a stoop, bent forward, or with hunched and tense shoulders, or with neck and head in a displaced position. This drains energy and may result in recurring tiredness.

Painless Spinal Touch Therapy is a light touch technique, which aims to re-establish a free flow of energy in the back, muscles, and nerves by using a very gentle fingertip massage along the spine and at other specific points.

This gentlest of treatments may encourage contracted and stiffened muscles to relax, releasing a free flow of energy, and sometimes gradually, and sometimes very rapidly, revitalises the body's energy field, regaining lost balance.

Spinal Touch Therapist believe that it triggers the body's own systems to correct balance and re-establish health. It is a simple natural treatment which does not involve any foreign substances, nor use any high-tech electromagnetic devices. During treatment you will receive an extremely light and delicate massage with the fingertips, on a series of points on the back of the body, shoulders, head and abdomen. You may feel generally relaxed and it is not uncommon for the recipient to drift off into sleep.

Spinal Touch is believed to work by gently encouraging the body to realign its centre of gravity within the overall posture, so improving balance and the body position generally. Once this begins to happen, other parts of the body can come back into a more natural relationship. Pain is reduced, mobility and flexibility are increased and the improved posture is likely to create improvement in a wide range of conditions and symptoms, including problems of stress and tension. The release of blockages can make energy available for enjoying daily life to the full. Normally clients show some degree of response with each treatment. Sometimes it is very sudden and dramatic, but usually the body readjusts itself more gradually. Particularly where the problem is of long-standing, more severe problems can be developed over many years, and sometimes one distortion builds on another. It may not be desirable to have an instant return to a more normal posture, as the body sometimes needs time to readjust and to restore its natural energies.

Spinal Touch Therapy may be used alongside many other types of treatment, and may enhance their effect. Conditions that may be helped include back pain, postural difficulties, stiff and painful shoulders, spinal problems, aches and pains, inability to relax, tension and stress.

Conditions Treated
Subject to GP diagnosis and supervision. Please also see our disclaimer.

  • Back pain
  • Postural difficulties
  • Stiff and painful shoulders
  • Spinal problems
  • Aches and pains
  • Tension and stress