Ear and Sinus Clinic

Ear and sinus problems can leave us at best uncomfortable, and at worst in pain and unable to carry on with our normal daily lives. Whilst it is important that we consult with our doctor concerning any current ear or sinus infection or ongoing chronic condition, Remedies from the Energetix range such as Sinus-Tone are available there is much that complementary therapy can offer, and self help measures that can be introduced.

The Ear and Sinus Clinic offers treatments such as Facial Pressure Point Massage and Ear Candles together with ongoing support with self-help advice. Homeopathic remedies from the Energetix range are also available to support the healing process.

Ear Candles

The Ear Candle is a natural, ancient therapy handed down by many civilisations including Greeks and Egyptians who used ear candles for healing rituals. Despite the name CANDLES, they are in fact hollow tubes, which are completely natural, made from linen covered in beeswax and herbs by traditional methods. The herbs infuse down the ear to aid the healing process.

The candle acts as a chimney when lighted and placed in the ear. The vibrations from the hot air rising up through the candle gently massage the eardrum by creating a swirling current of warm air and a vacuum which 'draws up' moisture within the ear and gently removes the built up earwax. During the treatment a pleasant crackling and hissing of the flame is heard.

The treatment is non invasive and induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and balance of pressure within the ears, forehead and sinuses. The removal of built up wax and moisture, not only helps with hearing, it can also effect and help other discomforts such as snoring, sinusitis, allergy problems, pain/pressure when flying, glue ear, lymphatic drainage congestion, headaches, ear noise, sore throats, ear infections, vertigo, improvement in sense of smell and easier breathing. To finish the treatment the ears and face are massaged.

Facial Pressure Point Massage

Pressure point massage is a method of working on the whole body through Meridian pathways for health and wellbeing.

There are twelve primary meridians in the body, most of which begin or end in the face. Therefore working on the face can positively effect many other parts of the body, along these meridian lines.

During Facial Pressure Point Massage the whole face is massaged, paying particular attention to the sinus areas, to assist sinus drainage, and also the related pressure points on the face and forehead.

Pressure point massage stimulates blood flow, improves circulation, encourages energy flow through the body. The brain receives messages to relax and relays them throughout the body.

After treatment advice will be given on which facial trigger points to press for self treatment.

Conditions Treated
Subject to GP diagnosis and supervision. Please also see our disclaimer.

  • Sinus Problems
  • Ear Infections
  • Blocked ears
  • Snoring
  • Colds and sore throats
  • Migraine
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Pain/pressure when flying