Life force (our bio-energy) is what animates and integrates our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Health is the natural state of balance between these aspects of ourselves. Certain triggers can create disruptive influences and affect one or more of these aspects, which, when prolonged can lead to illness.

It is important to gain a true and accurate picture of the influences that are causing disruption to health. The picture should reflect each aspect of yourself. In order to regain balance it is also helpful if it offers the appropriate order of treatment, that will best allow you to regain your natural state of health.

The term Bioenergetic Medicine refers to the science of analysis, prevention and treatment of conditions that adversely affect the biological energy field – whether the symptoms manifest in mind, body or spirit. Through the Therapy Network an analysis can be done via either Iridology, or by the use of MORA Bioresonance equipment. Skenar treatment is also available.

Iridology is the study of the iris - the coloured section of the eye. Iridologists believe that the iris provides information by energetically reflecting processes, levels and conditions occurring within the function and structure of the person. They believe the iris reflects body constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, and current health levels and that it offers an insight into the possible causes of even seemingly unrelated conditions. A practitioner may then use the information gained from an analysis to assist in the choice of homeopathic or nutritional supplements, any dietary or lifestyle changes necessary, or for suggestions of other therapy options.

MORA Bioresonance Testing Equipment

MORA Bioresonance Testing uses the MORA equipment to identify blocks, excesses or deficiencies in the body's energy fields or in information transmission paths. It is believed to work in the electrical, magnetic and acupuncture systems of the body, rather than through its chemistry or physical structure, which are the areas in which orthodox medicine works. As well as a system of assessment, the MORA system also offers a system of bioenergetic treatment which may be used to complement other strategies such as dietary or lifestyle changes, and the use of homeopathic and nutritional supplements.

SKENAR Treatment

SKENAR is a medicineless technology which combines diagnostics and treatment, tackling pain and discomfort in a new way.

This revolutionary new device was originally developed as an off-shoot of the Russian space programme. Dealing with the health problems of astronauts on space stations for extended periods of time had to be addressed. SKENAR was the result, and it is now licensed for European as well as Russian use.

The device is applied to and moved over the skin. When applied to the painful and problematic areas, the SKENAR enters into a dialogue with the body's own systems, in such a way that each signal from the body generates a new, adapted response from the SKENAR. It maximises and focuses the body's healing powers, and makes possible unique effects at the energetic as well as physical levels. The electrical bio-feedback of the SKENAR causes the body's nervous system to release healing compounds and processes in the way most suitable for the problem being treated.

SKENAR Treatment Equipment

Do NOT consider SKENAR treatment if you have a pacemaker or other electrical implant. This is an absolute contraindication.

Otherwise, unless there are individual circumstances which would rule it out, it may be suitable for you. At the first session with a therapist offering SKENAR, a detailed discussion can take place, and the suitability and protocol for treatment can be decided on.

Sometimes results are obtained with startling rapidity, at others it may be more gradual. No technology or process will succeed in every case, so no guarantee of a successful outcome can be given.

Although SKENAR is quite new in the West, it has been used in Russia for twenty years or so, and tens of thousands of case have been treated. In Russia it is licensed for the treatment of any condition, exactly as it was intended to be used in the space programme.

The types of problems in which SKENAR may be effective are extremely varied:- digestive and gastrointestinal problems, muscular and skeletal problems, breathing and respiratory problems, ear and mastoid problems, mouth, jaw or saliva glands, urogenital and gynaecological problems, nervous system problems.

By providing a non-intrusive health analysis, bioresonance practitioners aim to provide common sense information, down to earth guidance, effective, simple and reliable support. This support includes cost effective self-help measures, and herbal, homeopathic and nutritional support using the Energetix range, a highly effective range of supplements that have been produced to work synergistically, using processing methods that support the philosophy of Bioenergetic Medicine. If another therapy is more appropriate, practitioners are able to refer you to colleagues within the Therapy Network.

By offering the choice of non-invasive assessment, and safe, non toxic treatments and routines best suited to you, Bioenergetic analysis and any subsequent treatments offer a holistic range of therapy options.

Conditions Treated
Subject to GP diagnosis and supervision. Please also see our disclaimer.

  • Digestion problems
  • Muscle pain
  • Join pain
  • Jaw problems
  • Respiratory problems